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Meet the Designer

Homes built on trust and determination.

Sparked from a love for creating beautiful, yet functional, spaces, The Nest Design Group works hard to capture each client’s needs and wishes in a way that will also compliment the home itself. The Nest Design Group was founded by Christina Patan who fell in love with interior design at an early age. From the first days spent as a child rearranging her parent’s furniture to being featured in Yaletown Condos, Christina took her passion for interior design and built it into a company that thrives on trust and determination.

At The Nest Design Group, we understand the importance of turning a home into a personal haven. No matter what changes you are looking to make to your existing home or whether you are looking to start a new home from scratch, our team will take the time to understand your specific needs and wishes in order to make the best decisions for your Vancouver home’s new interior design. Let us help you build a home that will inspire you for years to come.

Christina Patan The Nest Design Group

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